Computer Literacy
General Education

The General Education curriculum has included a requirement that students demonstrate knowledge and skills in the area of computer literacy. The requirement was often met by taking a general computer course that emphasized the use of Microsoft Office products for word-processing, presentation software, web-browser and electronic mail. More recently with the pervasiveness of computers within elementary and secondary education, most students come to Trevecca with the basic skills in these areas; skills that allow them to take advantage of computers in their college careers.

Several departments have developed more specialized courses for their majors which build on these foundational computer skills and provide students with opportunities to develop skills that are directly applicable when learning about their major field or practicing their disciplines. Computer coures and skills seem to lie within the category of required support courses for a major rather than general education.

The General Education Committee affirms the desire for students to develop relevant computer skills that assist them in learning and are applicable to the practice of their discipline. Therefore, the following recommendation was made to and adopted by Academic Council on January 23, 2009.

Computer Literacy Recommendation to Academic Council
General Education Committee, 1/21/09
On a January 21, 2009 vote the General Education Committee recommends the following:
1. 2008-9 Catalog change page 47
Under Foundations Tier delete:
Computer Literacy – 2 or 3 hours (Choose one according to major)
ITI 1500—Office and Internet Technologies (2)
SCI 2150—Introduction to Computer Technology for the Sciences (3)
MUS 2000—Technology for Music Majors
EDU 2100—Technology for Educators (2)

Change Foundations Tier. . .20-23 hours to
Foundations Tier. . .18-20 hours

2. 2008-9 Catalog change page 48
Change TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS. . .53-57 hours to
TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS. . .51-54 hours

[End Recommendation]

The General Education Committee offers this statement as a suggestion to Academic Council:
Computer Literacy
Trevecca Nazarene University promotes computer literacy through major-specific instruction and performance-based assessment.

The General Education Committee offers these suggestions of next steps departments may wish to take:
  1. BUS, MUS, SCI and EDU already have courses that provide their majors with the opportunity to develop computer skills specific to their discipline. List the course as a required support course.
  2. If desired, departments without computer courses may adopt a BUS (ITI), MUS, SCI, or EDU course as a required support course.
  3. If desired, a department may design a discipline-specialized computer course and submit it through normal channels.
  4. If desired, a department may suggest alternate methods for students to obtain computer literacy skills (i.e., self-study, commercial programs like SimNet)*.
  5. If desired, a department may integrate computer literacy into the existing curriculum.


* SimNet is a product that is hosted and supported by McGraw Hill.

For $45 a student receives a 2 year subscription to the complete Microsoft Office Suite package. This is a comprehensive package that is very impressive. It follows the teach me, show me and let me try methodology.

A professor can easily choose the topics he or she wants to cover and the system has an excellent performance based exam section. This allows testing of topics the professor believes are the most important.

It also has the capability to give a pretest and the system will create a customized lesson plan to address the student's weaknesses.

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