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The General Education Committee is seeking creative ideas for assessing the GenEd outcome in the left-hand column. The Means of Assessment, column 2, was used three years ago when Christian Life and Ministry was taught differently. What are some other ways in which we can assess this outcome? To share your ideas or comment on the ideas of others, click the Edit This Page button at the top and type your ideas in the space below the table. Remember to click SAVE when you are finished typing.

General Education Outcome
Means of Assessment
Criteria for Success
6. Students will be able to
integrate the basic liberal
arts and academic major
with the fundamental
doctrinal/moral convictions of the Christian faith.

6a. 30 senior papers will be selected randomly from an assignment in Christian Life and Ministry for assessment. The paper assignment reads “When you think of the Christian Life, how are you
influenced by both your liberal arts training here at TNU and your basic Christian beliefs? How
does your understanding of the Christian life influence your understanding of your personal life
and the lives of people you know. How do you view the various resources you have (financial,
intellectual, social, etc.) and how will you use them both personally and for the sake of society?
What does it mean to be a Christian leader and how do you see yourself both leading and serving
in the world?” The papers will be assessed by the following rubric as a cumulative scale up to six indicators for each paper

1) Cites one general education course in the paper
2) Indicates a relationship between academic major and general education courses
3) Demonstrates an understanding of the role of general education in the university setting
4) Exhibits an historical awareness in discussing their degree program
5) Dialogs with current cultural influences that shape their degree program
6) Exhibits an awareness of personal Christian and/or moral convictions

6a. All papers scored will average four of six
possible indicators

Ideas for assessing Outcome C-3.
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